Goddard Play Grounds

Goddard Pre-school in Anderson Township, OH has built an expansion of their current facility at 1280 Nagel Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45255.  This addition will add nearly 6,000 square feet onto their existing structure at a total project cost of $1 Million dollars. One of the goals of this project was to build an energy efficient with goal of lowering operating cost.  To design a more efficient building a whole building systems approach was utilized.  Approaching this task Tony Ravagnani Architects (TRA) blended energy efficiency with functionality to create a stimulating learning environment. This design called for using enhanced components, such as, Spray Foam Insulation, HVAC, LED Lighting, Light Tubes, and Windows.  Enhanced components have a premium cost and pushed the budget above the original estimates.  

GB Solutions' (GBS) Incentive Service was able to coordinate Goddard School with State and Local tax exemptions to bridge the financial gaps.  The cost of exceeding energy efficiency minimums can make them out of reach for many building owners. By utilizing the State of Ohio tax exemption program that gap was eliminated and made the decision to move forward.    

Goddard School Anderson

Adding an application to State of Ohio does add additional steps to the construction process.  GBS had worked with the State of Ohio on several of these projects previously, and was able to follow with the normal construction process.  This experience allows us to mitigate impact to the project schedule.  Communication through out the process to the owner, design team, finance team, and construction team kept them updated and on the same page.  Sustaining this communication over the course of the year long construction process to prepare for finalizing the project.  The focus cycled to each of the groups involved with coordinating information and documentation. The final group involved was Hamilton County Auditor to record the property tax exemption.  This was a new type of exemption and required a number of conversations between the County and the State's legal team.  GBS facilitated these conversations and ultimately ensured the tax exemption was fully recognized by the County Auditors office.  

The combination of this program to the Goddard School expansion reduces the property tax liability by $15,000.00 per year for the next 20 years.  By utilizing this program to recover the additional cost of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) the additional cost was recovered in a 3 year period.  This reduction in liability provided the opportunity to recover the additional cost of upgrading insulation, HVAC equipment, solar tubes, and lighting within 5 years.  The operational benefit of these improvements include the reduction in operation cost estimated at $1,300/yr.