JW Springfield

Project Background

New Construction project to build Chevrolet and Toyota Dealerships in Springfield, OH.  This project had a $10 Million construction budget and totaled 54,884 square feet.  The project completed construction in 2014.  Goals of energy efficient design were to reduce daily operation cost and construct a lasting facility.

            Incentive Results

Federal Tax Geo Credit


Federal Tax Deduction MARCS*


Property Tax Abatement (15-Years)


Total Savings


Project Scope

GB Solutions was contracted to provide Incentive Service in the form of Federal Tax Deductions, Federal Tax Credits, Federal Accelerated Deprecation and Property Tax Reduction.  The areas of the building that contributed to the energy efficiency necessary for these tax reductions included:

  • HVAC System - Install Geo-Thermal Water Source Heat Pump System 
  • Electrical System – Supporting Lighting & HVAC Systems
    • Interior Lighting Will Use 1.17 Watts Per Sq.Ft.
    • Exterior Site Lighting Fixtures LED Fixtures
  • Roofing System - White Membrane and Upgraded Rigid Insulation
  • Windows - Usage of Window System Limiting Solar Heat Gain and Thermal Transfer
  • Insulation - Added Insulation to Exterior Walls and Roofing.  Spray Foam Through Out All of Toyota and Maximized Batt Through-Out Chevrolet


JW Chevrolet Springfield