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Project Background

Ashley Builders Group renovated 85,210 mixed-use building.  They created a LEED Certified Luxury Apartment and Retail building in downtown Cincinnati, OH.  Located at the corner of 6th and Race streets the construction was completed in fall of 2015.  This renovation stripped the building down to the bones and then rebuilt it completely.

Project Scope

GB Solutions was contracted to provide Incentive Service in the form of Federal Tax Deductions.  The areas of the building that contributed to the energy efficiency necessary for this tax deduction included:

  • Lighting: 0.4 Watts per square foot with Occupancy Sensors in Common Areas
  • HVAC: Heat Recovery Rooftop Units with VRF Terminal units serving multiple zones
  • Hot Water: 96% Efficient Units
  • Windows: Addition of Storm Windows

    Incentive Results

    Federal Tax Deductions: $95,688.00

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