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At GB Solutions we are dedicated to reducing initial construction cost and longer term facility cost. We utilize a whole building approach to determining and identifying programs that will reduce the cost of energy efficient construction and renovation. As your advocate, we work with all parties involved with the design & construction processes and ensure the following:

  • Shorten the time it takes to realize the ROI of your green/energy efficient building
  • Minimize the first cost of high performance building materials and equipment
  • Eliminate the confusion of program eligibility
  • Manage the cost reduction process from cradle to grave


Our efforts ensure that clients achieve desired building efficiency & maximize their ROI. Our team's 50+ years of industry knowledge from multiple aspects of the construction process allows us to advise clients on the most cost effective method to achieving their building goals.


What to Expect From GB Solutions

Incentive Service provides a cradle-to-grave service designed to handle all aspects of these programs and provide cost reduction options for energy efficient equipment and building materials.  Our service provides you with the expertise to identify, prepare, apply, manage, and close-out incentive programs.  Our years of experience navigating Utility Rebate, Financing, and Tax programs has allowed us to be the premier Incentive Service Provider in Mid-West.