GB Solutions was started to change the impact of the lives we enjoy without lessening the quality of those lives. Our culture and technology has given us so much to enjoy and now it is time to bring those things into balance with the resources used. By applying a team with tax reduction, construction management, and architectural experience to this philosophy we believe we can tackle any challenge. It is our intent to progress the best green building practices and perform this service in a cost effective manner. There is a way, and we will find that way.

GB Solutions was founded in 2009 after years of working with other companies our leadership identified a niche in the building industry. This foresight lead us to approach cost reduction and sustainable building in a different way. By taking cost premiums out of the equation building owners are given the ability to make decisions based solely on what is best for the organization. Our leadership has a decade plus of construction operations, property tax reduction and process/document management experience to coordinate the successful reduction in construction cost and LEED Certification. Adding this new skill with experience within the construction, tax, and document management industries provides a unique skill set.



GB Solutions (GBS) is committed to removing the cost barriers to building superior energy efficient buildings. Working with other firms allows us to present clients with a more comprehensive design and implementation of energy efficient measures.  GB Solutions has partnered with the following organizations:


KLH Engineers  

Since the inception of GBS in 2009 KLH Engineers has been a supporter of our mission.  In 2016 KLH and GBS agreed to directly offer GBS Incentive Services under the banner of KLH.  This allows KLH clients to have engineer services and incentive service under one umbrella.  This coordination allows for Return On Investment analysis and project decision making to flow more seamlessly as project designs are being made.  The joint goals of this arrangement is the following:

  • Provide greater value to KLH clients
  • Strengthen client relationship
  • Creates energy-efficiency awareness—at KLH and client level
  • Develop process that centralizes program ownership and creates consistency in administration of service
  • Provide clients opportunities to capture incentives from prior, existing, and future projects